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Graviner MK5 Oil Mist Detector


At high temperatures the oil used for lubricating engines generates vapours.
When these come into contact with the colder atmosphere in the crankspace at
temperatures around +70 deg. C, they condense into an oil mist and represent the
condition associated with the excess temperatures such as those caused by main
crankshaft, big end or connecting rod small end bearing defects.

The Oil Mist Detector working on the principle that oil mist density is proportional to
optical obscurity, samples the oil mist in the crankspace in a regular
repetitive sequence. The sample is measured by passing it through a measuring
chamber which has a light source at one end and a photo cell at the opposite
end. The output signal from the photo-cell represents oil mist and is compared
with threshold levels set during commissioning. If the thresholds are exceeded
an alarm indicates the need for an engine slow-down and an immediate
investigation of engine condition.

Oil Mist detection, now widely accepted as a means of providing early warning of
incipient bearing failure in Diesel engines, advances into the era of the
micro-chip with the Graviner Mark 5 Oil Mist Detector. The
Mark 5 embodies electronic and electrical means of carrying out fast and
accurate sampling of the crankspace oil mist. With the elimination of rotating
mechanical parts in the Mark 5 and the introduction of micro-circuits, oil mist
detection reaches a level which is the very best available using current

Our company has a specialized techical team for repairing Graviner OMD’s and after several tests we sell the reconditioned products with 1 year guarrantee.

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