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Marine Thermography Services from CMA D. ARGOUDELIS & CO S.A.!

Main Switch Board – Breakers – Motors – Electrical components – Mechanical equipment  Thermography is the use of a thermal imaging camera to examine any areas where heat build-up can cause equipment damage or fire. All electrical circuits, machinery, and so on are scanned with the thermographic camera. Any fault (hot areas) is then photographed. […]

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Refurbished Units & Services

CMA has a strong & far-reaching experience on systems such as Oil Mist detectors, Oxygen analyzers, Water In Oil monitors etc. Because of that, our technical personnel can guarantee the proper operation and status on reconditioned units, which we fully service & simulate meaning their guarantee and flawless condition. Units accompanied with one (1) year […]

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Magnetic Level Switches by CMA D. ARGOUDELIS & CO S.A.

We manufacture custom magnetic level switches in every dimension for your needs. Magnetic level switches are used for the monitoring and control of liquid levels in vessels. The float sliding on the tube contains a ring magnet whose magnetic field switches the sealed contact in a noncontacting state. Read More…

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